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Dick's scouting days

From the notes on the Dick Uranus CD "Playing With Knives."

In my many years of association with the Uranians I have known them to be an uncomplicated people - taking delight in the simple pleasures of life. Above all, they are spontaneous. Their principal deity, Ouranous, is eccentric and playful, and they follow his example.

In this improvised body of work, the second retrospective collection representing the years 1977 thru 1999, they have striven to bring to the listener the first-hand experience of jocular tumult. Often the left hands, indeed, know not what the right hands are doing - or the left brains, the right, for that matter. With the artists having no pre-conception of beginnings or ends, it is the synchronicity of the Universe that envelopes these improvised creations and turns them into seemingly semi-coherent slices of time.

Much like the fable of the infinite number of anesthesiologists who, given an infinite number of typewriters, will eventually re-create all the great cookbooks of the world (if they could stay conscious), the Uranians have concocted a brew of common condiments found in the average kitchen and produces a meal fit for Kings!... be they Martin, Don or Rodney.

Dr. Henryk Augstrom M.D. - Oslo General Hospital

And to quote Dick himself, " We're heavier than gold, we're heavier than lead, heavier even than the Grateful Dead. A little uranium music."
Brought to you by: Dick, Chlorox, Cloner, Fimbo, Gregor, Roscoe
Dick's faithful Semitic companion, Jesus and his friend Mary Magdelene    We love the Northern Alliance

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